Postural Massage Training

Postural Massage Training


Sports Medicine Massage Courses for Pain Relief and Posture Correction

Help your clients manage chronic pain to effectively improve their posture

The Massage Courses offered at RSM (Recreation & Sports Medicine) International Academy are particularly interesting for therapists and body workers looking to improve and deepen their practice. We also welcome motivated massage students on a journey to become valuable professionals.

The backbone of this program consists of 3 main courses, Trigger Points TherapyDeep Tissue Massage and Myofacial Release, that you can take separately.

To make sure you acquire information fitting your experience and expectations, there are also 5 optional evening courses available. Your instructor will help you select the one that better corresponds to your needs. They take place in a semi-private setting, and are a chance to focus on one specific aspect of your practice.

In addition, as a refresher course for professionals or for a much needed foundation for massage students, RSM offers a weekend course in Functional Anatomy.

students learn how to find trigger point
students learn how to find trigger point

Massage Courses designed for pain relief and posture correction

• The 3 Main Courses: Trigger Point, Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release,  take place from Monday to Friday, over 4 hours each day, between 10:00 and 15:00, with a 1 hour break.

The optional evening courses are typically 2 hours during the latter part of the day, from 17:00 to 19:00. These courses are available only when you take one of the main courses.

• The class sizes are kept small, with a maximum of 7 students, to ensure personalized attention and an immersive learning experience.

By enrolling in this course, students can expect to gain a comprehensive understanding of massage therapy and develop the skills necessary to provide effective treatments for pain relief and posture correction.

Anatomy Course for Massage Students

The weekend functional anatomy course is structured to help massage therapists, yoga teachers and sports trainers better understand dynamic posture and provides knowledge to take your professional expertise to a higher level.

Private lesson for yoga teacher
Private lesson for yoga teacher

Upcoming Private lesson from 23rd to 7th July 2023

Private lessons are available from 23 June to 7 July for massage therapists interested in pain relief and postural improvement. The classes are suitable for beginners and experienced massage therapist. We currently have 5 lesson reservations and 2 more private lesson can be reserved. Contact us on LINE or whatsapp.

Functional Anatomy Weekend Workshop
Functional Anatomy Weekend Workshop

Upcoming Course 8-9th July, 2023

Understanding functional anatomy enables you to adapt your services to meet your clients' needs. This knowledge fosters better communication with your clients, aiding you in accurately addressing their needs. Such understanding also cultivates trust in your services. RSM presents a special weekend workshop for massage therapists, yoga practitioners, and sports trainers.

Special Private Massage courses start from 23rd June to 7 July

RSM postural Massage Courses are uniquely designed to address the complex interplay of muscle tension, trigger points, and core engagement, all of which are crucial factors in maintaining and improving one's posture.

Our courses delve deep into the sports medicine massage therapy, equipping students with the practical skills to provide effective pain relief and posture correction for their future clients.

Understanding that pain and posture problems often stem from the body's core, we place a special emphasis on techniques to balance and strengthen these core muscles. We believe that by focusing on the core, we can achieve more profound and lasting results for our clients.

Our mission is to create a new generation of massage therapists who are not only skilled in providing relief from pain but also experts in helping clients improve their posture. This dual focus sets our graduates apart in the industry, making them highly sought after by clients.

Join our Sports Medicine Postural Massage courses.  Learn to alleviate pain, correct posture, and promote overall wellness

RSM Postural Massage Intensive Courses
RSM Postural Massage Intensive Courses