Postural Massage Courses

Postural Massage Courses


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Global Program in Pain Relief and Postural Correction with Sports Medicine Focus

Our massage program, boasting over 25 years of expertise in pain relief and postural correction, integrates advanced sports medicine and functional anatomy knowledge. Led by an instructor with a master's degree in sports medicine, it attracts professionals from around the globe for rapid skill development. The program caters to a diverse range of practitioners, including massage therapists, medical professionals, and yoga and Pilates teachers, all seeking to elevate their expertise in their respective fields

Leading the Way in Pain Relief and Postural Correction with Sports Medicine Focus

RSM is more than a massage school. We deliver professional, practical skill sets and are frequently invited to conferences, universities, and events for professional athletes. Additionally, RSM is sought after by massage schools in Europe, conducting special workshops in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Ukraine, and Vietnam. As leaders in pain relief and postural correction, our focus is on sports medicine, distinguishing us in the field.

Practical Massage Training: Enhance Skills with Correct Knowledge

RSM excels in functional anatomy and palpation techniques to diagnose and manage conditions such as nerve entrapment, muscle tension, and adhesions.

Essential in sports medicine, this training enables a comprehensive understanding of posture and movement. Our method is highly effective for identifying and treating movement-related pain, especially from nerve entrapment and muscular adhesions.

We emphasize teaching students precise palpation for targeted postural correction. Our courses cater to all levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners, who are eager to enhance their professional skills and knowledge

RSM Collaboration with Chiang Mai University's Faculty of Medicine

RSM, in collaboration with Chiang Mai University's Faculty of Medicine Anatomy Lab, offers an advanced course tailored for massage therapists, physiotherapists, sports trainers, and later yoga and Pilates instructors. This comprehensive program delves into human anatomy, extending beyond palpation to include diverse techniques in massage, sports training, and eventually yoga and Pilates, catering to professionals eager to deepen their expertis

"RSM Offers Customized Professional Massage Training for Communities

RSM offers specialized courses designed for various professional needs. Our training includes professional spa and massage courses in Sardinia, Italy, as well as tailored programs in Vietnam and Japan. Each course is crafted to suit the unique needs of different groups and communities. We emphasize the core essence and value of our training, ensuring it aligns with your specific requirements. For detailed information and to see how our courses can be adapted for your community, please contact us

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