Postural Massage Courses

Postural Massage Courses


Cadaver Anatomy Course

Anatomical Workshop in Collaboration with the Chiang Mai University Faculty of Medicine - Department of Anatomy

In 2023, RSM, in collaboration with Chiang Mai University's Department of Anatomy, will introduce an in-depth anatomical workshop, enriched by genuine cadaver studies.

This course is meticulously tailored for massage therapists, yoga instructors, Pilates teachers, and professionals with a licensed background in manual therapy.

10th-12th November - Schedule for the Cadaver Anatomy Course

10-12 November, 2023 
• 3 Days Intensive Course / The course starts on Friday at 4:00 pm

THB 14,900 Baht
(approx. EUR 385 / USD 400)

• Friday 16:00 - 18:00 
Review cadaver images and focus on palpation

• Saturday 10:00 - 16:00
Integrate cadaver anatomy knowledge into massage therapy

• Sunday 16:00 - !8:00  
Hands-on cadaver study from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at Chiang Mai University's Faculty of Medicine.

Empowering Pain Relief & Posture Mastery

We delve into muscle interconnections, myofascial relationships, muscle fiber orientations, neural pathways, and the detailed organization of joints essential for proper posture.

This comprehensive exploration offers profound insights into the harmonious operation of muscles, the foundations of posture, and the mechanics of movement. While esteemed professors from Chiang Mai University provide the theoretical grounding with sessions in English, RSM emphasizes the practical application of this knowledge.

Participants are thus empowered to understand and implement pain relief and postural correction techniques, truly elevating their practical skill set in understanding how posture and movement combine and are interconnected.

Students planning to attend this class should prepare by reviewing anatomy beforehand. RSM recommends
Students planning to attend this class should prepare by reviewing anatomy beforehand. RSM recommends "The Trail Guide to Anatomy" for this purpose

Optimizing Real Cadaver Anatomy Learning with Preliminary Functional Anatomy & Palpation

To maximize the cadaver anatomy session's benefits, RSM has meticulously designed a preparatory course on functional anatomy and palpation. Harnessing detailed imagery, skeletal models, and innovative 3D anatomy apps on the iPad, participants receive a superior visual grasp of anatomical intricacies. The "Trail Guide to the Body" remains our foundational reference, augmented with detailed illustrations. By mastering palpation techniques and understanding functional anatomy, participants are thoroughly primed, ensuring their attendance at the real cadaver anatomy workshop is as productive and enlightening as possible.

Elevating Manual Therapy: Mastering Palpation and Postural Correction with RSM

RSM's comprehensive anatomical workshop, focused on functional anatomy and palpation techniques, is tailored for therapists aiming to excel in pain relief and postural correction. By delving into the intricacies of the kinetic chain, end feel, and fascia, participants are equipped to discern myofascial strains, optimize range of motion, and apply targeted interventions. This depth of understanding not only solidifies one's theoretical foundation but also enhances practical skills in pain management and postural realignment. RSM can help you elevate your theoretical understanding of palpation, ensuring your manual therapy, massage, and stretching better matches your clients' needs.

Cadaver anatomy lesson at facility of medicine, Chiang Mai university
Cadaver anatomy lesson at facility of medicine, Chiang Mai university
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