Postural Massage Courses

Postural Massage Courses


Payment Information

Enrollment and Payment Information for RSM International Academy's Courses

At RSM, we prioritize maintaining high-quality lessons, personally overseen by instructor Hironori Ikeda. To ensure individual attention and a thorough learning experience, each class is limited to a maximum of 7 students. This intimate setting allows for direct learning of palpation and other techniques from Hironori Ikeda himself.

Pre-Course Preparation

To maintain a certain level of proficiency within the course, RSM requires students to familiarize themselves with basic anatomy before the course commences. This includes knowledge of muscle names, their functions, and the direction of muscle fibers.

Payment Details


Swift Code: KASITHBK

Account Number: 383-2-40739-8

〒50300, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai, Chang Peauk 30/10-11 CHARUENSUK Road, Thailand

Course fee 6,900baht

Remaining Fee: Can be paid in Thailand directly by the end of the first day of the lesson. Alternatively, the full amount can be paid upfront. 

Easy and Efficient Payment with Wise

For the convenience of our international students, RSM International Academy recommends using Wise for course fee payments. Wise is renowned for its low commission rates and ease of transfer from various countries.

Downlaod App:

Payment via Wise: To make your payment for the course fee, simply use the Wise app or website. It's a secure and cost-effective method for international transactions.

These will direct you to the payment portal specifically for the course fee.

WIZE - Hironori Ikeda's account link
WIZE - Hironori Ikeda's account link

Further Instructions

Currency: We accept payments in Thai Baht, sent directly to the provided account.

Finalization of Enrollment: Ensure your payment is completed well in advance of the course start date.

For any inquiries or further assistance with the enrollment process, please contact RSM International Academy (Hironori Ikeda) directly.

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