Postural Massage Courses

Postural Massage Courses


Payment Information & Important Notice

Welcome to RSM International Academy: Enhance Your Skills with Our Renowned Manual Therapy Training Courses

Welcome to RSM International Academy. Our school is recommended by doctors, physiotherapists, and massage therapists all over the world. 

We offer high-quality manual therapy training in small classes (up to 7 students), where you can learn practical techniques for pain relief and postural correction directly from Hironori Ikeda. Secure your spot with advance payment and enhance your professional skills in a supportive environment.

Please ensure you coordinate your course schedule with Hiro before making the payment.

Payment Instructions for RSM International Academy

Once your payment is made via Wise, it will be directly credited to Hironori Ikeda’s account. This ensures clear communication and trust. The app records you payment, and both parties will receive confirmation emails to secure your payment

Wize App logo

Wize App logo

Trusted and Affordable International Transfers with Wise

The Wise app is a trusted solution for international money transfers, offering low exchange rates and the cheapest transfer fees.

We use this app for course fee transfers, accommodating our global students. It simplifies the process, saving you time by eliminating the need to visit local banks for currency exchange. Wise uses the mid-market exchange rate, making transfers up to 87% cheaper than traditional banks. With strong encryption and two-factor authentication, it ensures the security of your financial information.

Using Wise can save you time and money, ensuring efficient and secure transfers.

Wize - Hironori Ikeda's Account

Wize - Hironori Ikeda's Account

Course Fee payment by Wize App

Use the Wise app to make direct payments from your country.

RSM accepts USD, EUR, THB, and JPY for course fee payments.

Check the exchange rate on the payment day.

This method ensures all transactions are recorded, saving time and avoiding bank visit commissions. RSM recommends Wise for its low commission rates and ease of transferring funds internationally, allowing us to focus on your learning.

Download Wize App

If you do not have the Wise app, you can download it directly from here. A new window will open, allowing you to download the app.

Down load WIze App - Invitation from Hironor Ikeda

Direct Payment, If you are already in Chiang Mai

If you are already in Chiang Mai, direct payments are accepted before the lesson starts. Credit card payments incur a 4.1% bank charge.

To secure your spot, we recommend making advance payments from your home country. Delaying payment until arrival, especially during peak season in Thailand, may result in losing the opportunity to study at RSM Academy if the course is fully booked.

Advice to mazimize your lening at RSM International Academy

By preparing accordingly, whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner, you will maximize your learning experience at RSM International Academy.

Trail Guide to the Body

Trail Guide to the Body

Pre-Course Preparation for beginers

If you're a beginner not well-versed in anatomy, here are some preparations to maximize your study at RSM:

Study Muscle Names and Basic Functions:
 Learn the names, fiber directions, origins, and insertions of muscles. This is crucial for understanding posture assessment, functional anatomy, pain relief, and posture correction. The details will be taught in the lessons; just remember the names and basic functions.

Use Anatomy Apps:
Any anatomy app will be helpful. We recommend the Body Navigation app for its comprehensive features, but use whatever app you already have.

Functional Anatomy Course:
If self-study is challenging, consider a weekend functional anatomy course before starting the main course.

Visible Body App

Visible Body App

Preparetion For Experienced Students

If you already have experience in massage, here's how you can prepare and make the most out of the course:

1. Review Previous Studies:
Refresh your knowledge on the topics you have previously studied. The course will cover detailed explanations, so a good review will help you keep up.

2. Prepare Questions:
Think about specific questions or techniques you are interested in. This will help you focus on areas you want to improve and make the most of the lessons.

3. Consider Private Lessons: If you have specific questions or require detailed instruction, private lessons might save you time and provide more tailored learning. While our main courses are practical and comprehensive, private lessons can offer additional, focused training.

English Language Requirement

Lessons are conducted in English. Students must have a minimum level of English proficiency, as translators are not permitted in class. This policy is to prevent delays in learning for others. If you cannot speak English, consider joining a course with students who can speak both English and your language. For those who require translation, private or semi-private lessons are available, with translators subject to the same class fees. 

Assess the infrapatellar fat pad’s function and tailor management to optimize its function.

Assess the infrapatellar fat pad’s function and tailor management to optimize its function.

What to Bring and Prepare for Your Maximal Learning Experience

1. **Short Pants:** Required to work on both the foot and hip joint areas.
2. **Tank Top (for women):** To work on the shoulder area. No need to be naked; modesty is maintained.
3. **Socks and Shoes:** Please bring socks and shoes. The ground can become slippery and dangerous due to the oils and creams used during leg massages.

1. **Pens:** Bring three colors (e.g., black, red, blue) for note-taking.
2. **Notebook:** Essential for taking notes during lessons.
3. **Tablet/iPad:** If you prefer digital notes, bring your tablet or iPad. About 50% of our students use iPads for their learning experience.

Personal Care:
1. **Nail Care:** Ensure your nails are trimmed to avoid causing injury during practice.
2. **Sensitive Skin:** If you have very sensitive skin, please bring your own specific oil. We offer medical-grade massage cream that is safe and effective for all skin types.
3. **Hygiene:** Everyone must shower in the morning and come with a clean body to prevent any unpleasant odors. Failure to do so may result in being refused participation in the course.

Note:We do not provide clothing, notebooks, or other supplies. Students must bring these items themselves.

Time management at RSM Massage School

On the first day of the course, please arrive 20 minutes early to ensure you are ready to start promptly at 10 AM. Make sure your payment is completed beforehand to avoid any delays. If you are going to be late in the class, please notify Hironori Ikeda directly via WhatsApp or LINE.

What are the accommodation options when studying at RSM International Academy in Chiang Mai?

While RSM International Academy doesn't provide direct accommodation, we're surrounded by a plethora of lodging options, including hotels, apartments, and guest houses that cater to different needs and budgets. Many of our students have enjoyed stays at:

Fashèn Poshtel
Chiang Mai P Place
Ban Kong Rao Guesthouse
BOOK Hotel by ISTY
Chiang Mai Orchid Hotel
HOP INN Chiang Mai

You can find details about these places on Google Maps or other online platforms. However, please note that choosing and managing accommodation is your responsibility.

RSM is located in a vibrant area with diverse dining choices, from local Thai cuisine to international fare, and amenities including cafes, convenience stores, a large shopping mall, a sports gym, and laundry services within a 10-minute walk.

While your comfortable stay in Chiang Mai is important to us, our primary focus is providing excellent sports medicine education. We believe a pleasant living environment greatly contributes to a fruitful learning experience at RSM International Academy.

We look forward to welcoming you soon.

RSM International Academy | Hironori Ikeda