Postural Massage Courses

Postural Massage Courses


Private Massage Training Course

Personalized Learning for Every Level

From Beginners to Advanced Therapists: Elevate Your Skills at RSM" Dive into RSM's comprehensive 9-hour sessions, tailored for everyone from novices to advanced therapists interested in pain relief and postural correction.

Our massage techniques, trusted by professionals, will provide you with an enriched understanding of functional anatomy, sports medicine, and advanced methods. Elevate your practice with our in-depth, cutting-edge approaches

Price & Booking Details

Duration: 3 days - engage in a total of 9 hours (3h/day)
Book a 3-hour window between 16:00 to 20:00.
Price: 6,900 Thb 
Both weekdays and weekends are open for appointments

Indicate your preferred topics from the list below, choosing 4 to 6 Alternatively, mention any other topics you'd like to delve into.
Ensure your spot by scheduling at least 2 days prior.

Massage Therapists:

Deep Tissue Massage for Kyphosis & lordosis
Elderly Lower & Upper Back Focused Massage
Shoulder Mobility with Myofascial Techniques
Pelvic Stability & Myofascial Stretching
Deep Tissue Massage for Better Breathing
Massage for Spinal Flexibility & Gentle Realignment
Myofascial Release Techniques for Hip Pain
Alleviate Upper & lower Back Tension
Myofascial Release & Deep Stretch Techniques
Deep Tissue Massage for Runner's Foot Pain 

YOGA & Pilates practitioners / Instructors

Deep Tissue Techniques for Spinal Flexibility
Trigger Point Therapy for Elderly Flexibility
Deep Tissue Massage for Restful Sleep & Breathing
Perfecting Asanas with Myofascial Stretching
Pose Stability & Deep Tissue Techniques
Myofascial Stretching for Pilates
Yoga Transitions Made Easy with Myofascial Release
Deep Tissue for Core Stability in Pilates
Deep Tissue Techniques Focused on Yogic Breathing
Enhance Asanas with Trigger Point Therapy"

Sports Trainers and Physical Coaches

Deep Tissue Massage for Injury Prevention
Post-Workout Recovery through Targeted Massage
Athlete Performance & Posture through Massage
Massage & Stretching Techniques for Flexibility
Boost Performance in Athletes with Deep 
 Techniques Every Trainer Needs
Breathing Optimization in Athletes through Massage
Elite Stretching Techniques for 
 Athletes with Trigger Point Therapy
Postural Stability & Mobility with Massage"

Learn Cutting Edge Exercise for Pain Relief and Postural Correction

In RSM's private course, explore advanced massage techniques for pain relief and posture correction. Deepen your knowledge of functional anatomy, integrating it with hands-on skills.

Recognizing the origins of pain and analyzing posture highlights the need for supplemental training. Tailor strategies to your client's needs, mastering massages, stretching, and relevant exercises.

Suitable for both novices and experienced therapists, our program enhances your capability for superior therapeutic outcomes.