Postural Massage Courses

Postural Massage Courses


Remedial Massage Course

Students learn how to improve scapulae up/downward rotation
Students learn how to improve scapulae up/downward rotation

Remedial Massage Course for Effective Pain Release and Posture Correction

Remedial massage is a therapeutic type of massage designed to address specific musculoskeletal problems and injuries.

By learning remedial massage at RSM, you can expect to gain several benefits, using various techniques to manipulate soft tissues for pain relief and posture improvement.

As you learn and practice these techniques, you'll develop your therapeutic skills and become more confident in addressing musculoskeletal issues. These techniques are highly beneficial because the course focuses on understanding the cause of pain and how to treat it.

Through numerous case studies, students learn a variety of massage and stretching methods, making this course accessible to massage therapists, yoga teachers and sports trainers.

Direct Stretching at Latisimus Dori for posture correction
Direct Stretching at Latisimus Dori for posture correction

Enhance Your Massage Skills with Real-World Case Studies

The remedial massage course at RSM is also highly adapted to improving posture because it focuses on pain relief. Pain often causes compensatory movements, and many clients may be unaware of this.

By releasing pain using remedial massage techniques, clients can experience dramatic changes in their walking posture, leading to better alignment and proper movement. This course is beneficial for all therapists as it teaches pain relief through case studies.

Remedial massage targets body parts that require pain relief and rehabilitation. The course begins with palpation - a review of muscles, ligaments, tendons, and posture. As a result, specialized massage techniques are tailored to treat chronic pain and ongoing injuries.

Private Course Fee

THB 6,900
(approx. EUR 190/ USD 200 / JPY 28,000)

You can choose 3 weekdays for 3-2 hours/day between 16:00 and 20:00

Usual total Duration: 8 hours (3h+3h+2h=3days)
Including Sports Gym Entrance Fee

Due to the advanced nature of this private course, it is intended for those with the right level of massage skills and experience only.

Eligibility for this Course 

This course is only for those who have attended any of the trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage and assisted stretching and myofascial release courses offered by RSM.
This is a comprehensive course that includes further advanced massage techniques, postural analysis and training instructions for your clients.