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Postural Massage Courses


Trigger Point Therapy Course

Learn Trigger Point Therapy at RSM
Learn Trigger Point Therapy at RSM

RSM Invites Therapists to Gain Essential Pain Management Skills

Our course offers practical training in massage therapy techniques, with a specific focus on identifying trigger points through palpation, and learning the proper techniques to release pain.

Led by renowned Sports Medicine MSc, Hironori Ikeda, our program will raise your expertise in sophisticated palpation techniques, a cornerstone of effective massage therapy.

You'll learn how to perform targeted massage sessions that can help alleviate pain and tension, improve posture, and increase flexibility.
This course is suitable for both new and experienced massage therapists, yoga teachers and sports trainers who are interested in expanding their skills and knowledge. 

As a beginning or experienced practitioner, this course will provide you with practical techniques to offer efficient pain management and relief to your clients. We also see many advanced yoga instructors and sports trainers taking advantage of our massage course.

A licensed national acupuncturist came to study trigger point therapy at the RSM
A licensed national acupuncturist came to study trigger point therapy at the RSM

Pain Relief Class - Palpation techniques for optimal outcomes

The RSM course offers specialized pain relief skills for managing two categories of trigger points:

Active trigger points cause pain at rest, producing pain constantly or during movement.

Latent Trigger Points are sensitive spots that only cause pain or discomfort when compressed.

Mastering the treatment of these knots in the myofascial tissue requires specialized palpation techniques. Our curriculum is designed with practical methods to identify and address latent trigger points early, preventing them from becoming active and causing further discomfort.

This knowledge is vital for massage therapists working with athletes and elderly individuals to mitigate compensatory movements. By acquiring these techniques, professionals can provide more effective treatments for chronic pain relief and posture correction.

Palpation technique to find trigger point
Palpation technique to find trigger point

Learn special palpation techniques for both Active and Latent Trigger

Trigger points, recognized as painful and hyperirritable spots in muscle tissue, can cause pain during movement and sometimes lead to nerve compression, resulting in compensatory movements and poor posture. The palpation and treatment of these points has become standard practice in hospitals, sports facilities, and wellness centers.

However, many therapists struggle to identify these points accurately, often due to a lack of functional anatomy knowledge and palpation skills. Our RSM course aims to fill this educational gap, providing a solid foundation in sports medicine to enhance palpation abilities. This training is crucial for massage therapists, sports trainers, and yoga/pilates instructors, enabling them to deliver advanced pain relief.

Trigger points can have a significant impact on posture
Trigger points can have a significant impact on posture

Posture Correction: Learn how to trigger the right points to have a significant impact

Myofascial triggers often arise not only at superficial, identifiable spots but can also be deeply embedded within areas of muscle tension or just beneath the skin in the myofascial layer, causing compensatory movement patterns and leading to poor posture.

Our course delves into functional anatomy, emphasizing its role in movement and postural alignment changes. It equips participants with crucial skills for identifying and treating myofascial trigger points, a vital skill set for all therapists.

Understanding these aspects is key to addressing myofascial strain and correcting underlying issues rather than merely treating the symptoms. This comprehensive approach ensures therapists can offer more effective treatments for pain relief and postural correction or improvement.

Cadavar anatomy lesson at facility of medicine, chiang mai university
Cadavar anatomy lesson at facility of medicine, chiang mai university

The Top Professional Choice for Expert Massage Training

Our course is not merely a reproduction of textbook knowledge. Your instructor, with over 25 years of experience in massage therapy for both the elderly and professional athletes, brings a unique depth of practical knowledge.

This experience, combined with profound expertise in sports medicine and an unwavering passion for research, has been further honed through participation in the cadaver anatomy workshop at the Faculty of Medicine at Chiang Mai University. Additionally, the instructor's teaching in Europe has developed to fit more practical situations, establishing him as one of the top professionals in the field.

The international appeal and recognition of the course are attested to by the enrollment of physical trainers from prestigious European sports leagues, including La Liga Española and Serie A basketball. The diversity of client backgrounds not only increases the the opportunity for all course participants to improve their skills, but also ensures that students gain highly effective learning outcomes in a relatively short period of time.

For All Therapists and Sport Medicine Based Professionals

Designed for a broad spectrum of participants, including both novice and experienced professionals in various health and wellness fields, all enrollees will finish the course with significantly improved palpation skills. 

Limited Class Sizes Facilitate the Rapid Development of Skills

By keeping our class sizes limited to 7 students, we ensure personalized instruction and optimal learning outcomes. This intimate setting allows for in-depth exploration of palpation techniques, ensuring that each participant fully masters these advanced skills.

Massage School Timetable & Course Fee

THB 6,900
(approx. EUR 190/ USD 200)

• 5 Days Intensive Course 
• The course starts on Monday at 10:00 
• Duration: 20 hours
  (18 hours + 2 hours of Review)

Lessons & massage training
10:00-12:00 / 13:00-15:00 from Mon to Fri
Lunch break / 12:00 - 13:00 from Mon to Fri

After the lesson, students are invited to practice until 16:00

Personal trainers and body builders also come to RSM to learn trigger point therapy
Personal trainers and body builders also come to RSM to learn trigger point therapy

Certificate and Career Opportunity

Upon successful completion of our course, participants are awarded a diploma from RSM, highlighting their expertise in trigger point therapy and their commitment to providing exceptional therapeutic care.

This certification marks a pivotal achievement in skill development, highly valued within the wellness community. It not only enhances your professional credibility but also opens new pathways for career growth. This distinction recognizes your dedication to excellence in massage therapy, with a special focus on trigger point techniques.

Please be aware that licensing requirements for massage therapy differ by country and may necessitate comprehensive study. Therefore, it's important to consult your local government regulations.

Trigger point therapy for lower back pain
Trigger point therapy for lower back pain

Comprehensive Understanding of Trigger Points

Learn about the relationship between the hypersensitive knots within muscles and the disruption of healthy movement and posture. This foundational module equips you with the ability to discern between latent and active triggers, and their significant role in creating compensatory movement patterns. Emphasizing functional anatomy, the course illuminates the origins and types of trigger points, setting the stage for effective intervention strategies. Ideal for those seeking to bolster their anatomical knowledge, this segment lays the groundwork for proficient pain management.

Assess the infrapatellar fat pad’s function and tailor management to optimize its function.
Assess the infrapatellar fat pad’s function and tailor management to optimize its function.

Enhanced Musculoskeletal Management: Deep Tissue, Stretching, and Myofascial Techniques

This course delivers specialized techniques in deep tissue massage, stretching, and Dynamic myofascial release, aimed at the effective palpation and relief of trigger points that compromise muscle glide and cause musculoskeletal discomfort.

Designed for massage therapists, this program bolsters treatment approaches to improve muscle function, postural alignment, and rehabilitation. Under expert guidance, participants will master applying these techniques across various clinical environments, including sports recovery and rehabilitation centers, boosting their proficiency in addressing diverse musculoskeletal issues.

Trigger points located around the foot can significantly impact its functionality
Trigger points located around the foot can significantly impact its functionality

Specialized Techniques for Trigger Point Release

Explore advanced techniques such as stretching, myofascial release, and additional methods aimed at alleviating discomfort from both latent and active trigger points. This course enables you to incorporate trigger point therapy into various treatment protocols, with a focus on improving muscle function, rectifying postural imbalances, and aiding rehabilitation. With guidance from experts, you'll gain the confidence and expertise necessary to apply these techniques in diverse contexts, including therapeutic settings, sports recovery, elder care, and rehabilitation centers.

This approach prepares you to address a wide range of musculoskeletal issues, enhancing your practice and broadening your capacity to provide effective recovery solutions.

Proper massage, including trigger point therapy, significantly improves ankle flexibility
Proper massage, including trigger point therapy, significantly improves ankle flexibility

Integrating Holistic Practices for Optimal Results

Our course imparts essential technical skills suitable for a wide range of environments, including sports therapy, general relaxation massage, and more specialized practices. It's strong foundation to empower you to integrate an array of massage techniques such as deep tissue massage, shiatsu, Thai massage, and practices like acupuncture and osteopathy into cohesive treatment strategies.

This comprehensive skill set is vital for achieving optimal therapeutic results, benefiting all professionals within the wellness industry and making it an exemplary program for those eager to expand their therapeutic repertoire.

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