Postural Massage Courses

Postural Massage Courses


Trigger Point Therapy Course

Learn Trigger Point Therapy at RSM
Learn Trigger Point Therapy at RSM

Understanding Myofascial Trigger Points in pain management is an essential skill for massage therapists

Our trigger point therapy course provides practical training in massage therapy techniques, with a specific focus on identifying trigger points through palpation.

You'll learn how to perform targeted massage sessions that can help alleviate pain and tension, improve posture, and increase flexibility.
This course is suitable for both new and experienced massage therapists, yoga teacher and sports trainers who are interested in expanding their skills and knowledge. 

As a beginning or experienced practitioner, this course will provide you with practical techniques to offer efficient pain management and relief to your clients. We also see many advanced yoga instructors and sports trainers taking advantages of our massage course.

Palpation technique to find trigger point
Palpation technique to find trigger point

Advanced Pain Relief - Learn special palpation techniques for both Active and Latent Trigger

Trigger points are small hypersensitive areas within the muscle tissue.

We usually discern 2 types of trigger point: 

       Latent trigger points, which can cause pain and discomfort with movement
      • Active trigger points, which are already emitting pain.

      These two types of trigger point require different palpation techniques.

      Using our practical palpation technique, we teach you advanced trigger point release methods. By learning these skills, you can detect latent trigger points at an early stage and massage them before they become active and cause pain.

      Learn how to palpate and massage an Active Trigger Point
      Learn how to palpate and massage an Active Trigger Point

      Pain Relief Class - Learn palpation techniques for optimal outcomes

      When you study Trigger Point Therapy at RSM, we teach you how to use palpation techniques to locate and release both types of trigger point, including those located in the deeper layers of muscle tissue.

      Palpation is an essential skill that allows a massage therapist to identify areas of tension and restriction, which can then be treated with specific techniques to alleviate pain and discomfort.

      We emphasize the importance of using a combination of palpation techniques and functional anatomy knowledge to get a complete picture of the muscle tissue. Our course will provide you with the practical skills you need to address your client's pain.

      If you want to go further in the direction of pain management and postural improvement, our comprehensive massage training also includes myofascial release, and deep tissue massages.

      Trigger points can have a significant impact on posture
      Trigger points can have a significant impact on posture

      Posture Correction: Learn how to trigger the right points to have a significant impact

      When a client presents poor posture, you know that it can be both the cause and the consequence of pain.

      Professional massage therapists need to understand how to analyze postural imbalances and correct these issues.

      In this Massage Training Course, we emphasize the importance of trigger point palpation and identifying surrounding muscle tension, as well as other contributing factors to poor posture.

      By understanding the relationship between trigger points and muscle imbalances, you'll be able to provide your clients with effective massages and advice on how to reduce pain and facilitate general postural improvement.

      Personal trainers and body builders also come to RSM to learn trigger point therapy
      Personal trainers and body builders also come to RSM to learn trigger point therapy

      Certificate and Career Opportunity

      Course participants receive a diploma from RSM, which serves as a testament to their proficiency in trigger point therapy techniques and their commitment to providing quality therapeutic care.

      This certification not only enhances your professional credibility but also expands your career opportunities within the wellness industry.

      Course Fee and Massage School Timetable

      THB 6,900 Baht
      (approx. EUR 190/ USD 200)

      • 5 Day Intensive Course from Monday to Friday
      • Course starts on Monday at 10:00am at our school here in Chiang Mai
      • Duration: 20 hours (18 hours + 2 hours of review and examination)

      Lessons & massage training 10:00-12:00 / 13:00-15:00
      After classes, students are invited to practice until 16:00