Postural Massage Courses

Postural Massage Courses


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RSM is sports medicine massage school

RSM is sports medicine massage school

RSM International Academy Application Form

Welcome to the RSM International Academy! 

We look forward to welcoming you to our professional massage courses, designed for pain relief and postural correction. Catering to therapists, yoga and Pilates instructors, sports trainers, and enthusiastic beginners, our courses focus on equipping participants with medically-based massage techniques essential for professional practice

Please complete the application form below, and RSM will get in touch with you shortly.

Deep Tissue Massage course for postural correction

Deep Tissue Massage course for postural correction

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Before reaching out via WhatsApp, Telegram or Line. Please review our course details, including concept, pricing, and start date. Whether you're a novice or an expert, share your background following our guidelines. This helps us guide you accurately and prevents misunderstandings. Every detail matters in directing you to the right choice.

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As Hironori Ikeda is focused on his professional responsibilities, we request that you refrain from direct calls or visits to RSM solely for inquiries. To ensure efficient communication, please first provide us with your details as shown below.
This approach saves time for both parties.

Pain relief and Postural massage training courses

Pain relief and Postural massage training courses

Please select the main course(s) you are interested in:

The backbone of our massage program comprises 3 main courses, Trigger Point Therapy,  Deep Tissue Massage and Myofascial Release, that you can take separately. Massage Course schedule 2024-25 is shown in this link

If you are unsure about your current knowledge or ability to learn the RSM courses, we offer a Functional Anatomy Weekend Workshop. By participating in this workshop, you will find it easier to follow and comprehend our 3 main massage courses at RSM International Academy.

During the peak seasons of July and August, and from November to March, RSM's three primary courses and private lessons are in high demand, so we strongly recommend making reservations at least one month in advance.

How can I apply for RSM Massage Courses?

By using the Wise app for payments, all transactions are recorded, facilitating clarity and saving time otherwise spent on bank visits for currency exchange. This efficiency prevents delays before the course starts.

RSM International Academy recommends Wise app to our international students for its low commission rates and the ease of transferring funds from various countries, allowing us to focus directly on your learning.
If you are staying in Chiang Mai, direct payments to us are accepted before the lesson starts. However, please note that credit card payments 4.2% bank charge, necessitating an additional payment of 4.2%.

Download the App:

Payment via Wise: To make your payment for the course fee, simply use the Wise app or website. It's a secure and cost-effective method for international transactions.

The following link will direct you to the payment portal specifically for the course fee.

Swift Code: KASITHBK
Account Number: 383-2-40739-8
〒50300, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai, Chang Peauk 30/10-11 CHARUENSUK Road, Thailand

Course fee: 
Prices are listed on each course page

You can view the prices and send us the fee listed for each course. After sending the fee, please inform us of your payment via WhatsApp or LINE. The confirmation message will be sent from Hironori Ikeda, and we will respond within 24 hours.

Certification to enhance your career opportunities

Certification to enhance your career opportunities

Our Certificate and Career Opportunity

RSM's certificate reflects intensive training in pain relief and posture correction. It isn't tailored for specific country licensure.

If seeking a governmental massage license, check your own country's national guidelines.

RSM's certificate is recognized by employers, emphasizing your dedication. It's ideal for massage therapists, yoga and pilates instructors, sports trainers, and professionals seeking advanced skills

Location and Map

RSM International Academy is located a 15-minute drive from Chiang Mai Airport, and a 20-minute walk from downtown. 

30/10-11 Charoensuk Road, Chang Pheuak, Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai, 50300 Chiang Mai, Thailand

WhatsApp: +66985175990
(You can also use SMS, but calls are not appropriate as Hiro is teaching or practicing most of the day.)

If you're interested in booking a lesson or massage session with us, we kindly ask that you send us a message by WhatsApp or Line app. This will help us to keep track of your inquiry and respond to you promptly.

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Chiang Mai University Faculty of Medicine Cadaver Anatomy course

Chiang Mai University Faculty of Medicine Cadaver Anatomy course

Student Code of Conduct: Professional Massage Training Program

At RSM Massage School, our commitment to professionalism, respect, and a supportive learning environment welcomes students from around the world. We strictly enforce high standards of conduct, with failure to meet these standards possibly leading to expulsion. Our courses are conducted in English, requiring participants to have a basic level of proficiency to ensure full engagement and maximization of learning benefits.

Our curriculum, grounded in medically evidence-based and practical approaches, is intended for those who are serious about their professional development rather than those seeking magical results. We aim to attract students ready to understand and apply the scientific principles of sports medicine and massage therapy for professional growth.

By upholding these high standards, RSM stands as a premier institution for dedicated individuals aspiring to achieve excellence in the massage therapy profession.

RSM International Academy | Hironori Ikeda